Photo gallery


Fourth visit and cooperation with Enactus Regensburg e.V. to set up water filters

Third visit and field research, June / July 2015

Second visit to Kenya, 2014

The story of Ambatana – our first visit to Kenya


Presentation ”Ambatana News” in Mühldorf on 24 April 2017

Our second fundraising concert at Nea Zoi, Altötting, November 2016

Further events and concerts

Presentations at schools

Donation handovers

Fundraising campaigns: Wrapping Christmas presents at Globus

Christmas markets

Fundraising campaign: Vespa auction, September 2015

ThinkBig team workshop in Mannheim in 2014

Founding our organisation on 7 May 2014

Our first fundraising concert with four bands in Mettenheim in April 2014

First presentations in Tüßling and Mühldorf with overwhelming responses, January/February 2014